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The Development History of Nanhai Display

In July 2012, NanHai Display Limited was established as a trading company to engage in the import and export of optical functional films, and its business was spread over 60 countries across Aisa, America, Europe and Middle East.




In January 2014, Xiuya Technology (Shanghai) Co., Limited (Showyaaa) was established to open its distribution business in Mainland China. Showyaaa Distribute Japan MITSUBISHI, Japan DNP, FUJIFILM, Lintec, South Korea functional film material, etc.





In September 2020, Showyaaa successfully launched the first self-developed projection film GlassMovie™ with its trademarks & related patents registered in China.

In ancient times, [硝子屏] was the meaning of glass, the GlassMovie™ film was made for glass screen as its name.


glassmovie glassmovie



In December 2020, Showyaaa launched its first hologram projection foil GiantMirror™ with independent property rights in China. Providing with a maximum width of 8 meters and light transmittance of 95%, which is a leading performance in the world.


giantmirror GiantMirror™ Manufacturing



In March 2021, the company started the production of the Showyaaa™ series projection screen film. Products Including frame projection screen, arc frame screen, electric screen, folding screen, classic screen, large-scale engineering electric and projector hanger, etc.; the projection materials include sound screen, 3D sound screen, metal screen, high-definition soft screen, rear projection screen, high-definition glass fiber screen, Fresnel screen, anti light screen, etc.


ALR projection screen factory ALR projection screen factory



In Jun 2022, the company started the selling of the Casper™ series window cloaking film. In late Sep, operated production of nano cloaking film and providing OEM service for window film brand and distributors worldwide.




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