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SoReal Holographic Projection – Make It Real !

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The world’s first VR cinema with exclusively developed zero vertigo VR viewing seat. The company revolutionarily promoted the fully immersive, and vertigo-free VR active viewing mode, fully subverted the passive viewing experience of traditional cinema, and truly created immersive experience of “audio-visual+global sense of environment+sense of smell+tactile sense+gustation”. Audiences can view VR films in 360° and participate in epitasis, thus achieving true and complete aesthetic experience.

SoReal use 8 units of PANASONIC laser projectors PT-FRZ98C to joint a 360°circular projection screen round which contributes total brightness of 80000ansi lumens on the screen.

Total Screen Resolution: 11946 width × 1200 height, using three independent servers edge-blending and playing. 

SoReal circular screen glass finally use 60 square meters holographic rear projection screen films with 92% transmittance and only 17% haze.

In the exhibition of circular automatic sensing door, Nanhai Display provides two anisotropic cutting film screens with extremely difficult construction, gray high contrast forward casting film, with full viewing angle up to 180 degrees.

10 Years Functional Film Innovator



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