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Nanhai Display Limited is located in Fengxian District, Shanghai, China, specializing in film coating technology including projection film, emissive laser film, hologram film, printable film, switchable film and other special film coating materials and high value added screen, glass and interactive products.

Nanhai has been growing very fast in the past 5 years. We have built good business relationship with customers in more than 50 countries, such as USA, UK, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czech, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, South Africa, Egypt, Iran, India, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Why Nanhai is attractive as supplier and partner?

1. Nanhai is a very reputed reliable company. Nanhai products have high quality, good performance, long term reliability. And the price of its products are also very competitive.

2. With professional knowledge, rich experience, advanced technology, strong development ability, excellent manufacturing and comprehensive sources, Nanhai is endowed with the most flexibility and the optimized solutions to meet customer's various demands from components to complete products.

3. Open engineering discussion between Nanhai and customers will help to improve the design till achieve to most economical solutions. This will greatly shorten customer's development and production time so that they could always run more faster and better than their competitors in the market. Nanhai brought much added value to customers.

Nanhai is a large business group which is consisted of 5 divisions: Nanhai film, Nanhai glass, Nanhai elec, Nanhai interactive and Hongwo Trading. Each division has plenty of associated R&D center, labs and manufacturing plants all over China. Nanhai organize excellent people and units together to cooperate each other and work out many excellent products.

When Nanhai has so many excellent sources and products, every business division will be able to grow very fast in his own field.

Our goal is to be excellent, to do best, to serve the world, to grow together......

Nanhai would like to become your business partner and reliable friends.

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