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Sound Micropore HG

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-25      Origin: Site

Material: special PVC

Gain: 0.95

Viewing angle: 140 degrees

Color: front white, back white

Environmental protection and maintenance: anti UV, anti-static, washable, moisture-proof, fireproof.

Application: frame screen, arc screen, electric pull screen

Recommended projector: 2D HD projector, active 3D HD projector, 4K Ultra HD projector.


The very small aperture of the screen is only 0.4mm, which can completely eliminate any interference pixel matrix and never produce moire. On the projection screen, Sound Micropore can clearly see all kinds of delicate scenes, even the details of the characters' hair. In terms of color restoration, it can completely show the style characteristics of the projector itself, which is quite neutral and natural, without any external color.


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