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Sound Metal Soft

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Material: PET / PC

Gain: 1.8-2.5

Viewing angle: 140 degrees

Color: Silver front and black back

Environmental protection and maintenance: anti UV, anti-static, washable, moisture-proof, fireproof.

Application: frame screen, arc screen.

Recommended projector: 2D HD projector, engineering projector.


Rear Projection Rigid RH consists of an anti glare acrylic layer and a built-in filter crystal structure. The acrylic layer on the bottom surface can absorb light and has good directional propagation of light. When the bottom layer emits light, it presents a nearly transparent state. The built-in filter crystal gathers the projected light and transmits it to the screen at right angles, so that the light source can be transmitted to the surface layer without loss, and its high gain can optimize the image brightness.


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