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Rear Projection Rigid RH

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Material: special PVC/PET

Gain: 0.8

Viewing angle: 160 degrees

Color: Grey/White, 80% transparency

Environmental protection and maintenance: anti UV, anti-static, washable, moisture-proof, fireproof.

Application: rear projection film.

Recommended projector: 2D HD projector, active 3D HD projector, 4K Ultra HD projector.


The rear projection film material RPF is made of special PVC/PET material with high light transmittance. With the professional surface texture, the reflectivity of the light receiving surface is extremely low, and the projected light can be concentrated and refracted to nearly 80 degrees of view angle and display surface, so there will be no difference between bright spots and dark spots, and the average value is very high. The projection effect, realistic color and image, and wide viewing angle, is at the leading level in the rear projection screen film products.

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