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Black Grid Projection Screen


Black grid anti light projection screen is a kind of product designed for high brightness environment. It can adapt to the influence of various environments, improve the degree of reduction, and make the projection show with better effect.

Our eyes can only accept 400-700nm wavelength of light, the monochromatic light of each wavelength mixed into white light. In nature, black means there is no light, while the black on the traditional screen means that the screen does not reflect any light. If there are lights in the cinema, the quality of the picture on the screen will decline. So we need black grid anti light screen to improve the imaging effect.

The black grid anti light screen adopts the horizontal shutter form, and the gratings are arranged in three-dimensional. The black grid anti light curtain can make the projection light pass through to a certain extent, and achieve the high brightness and contrast sharpness of the image on the screen.

With the help of micro prism, the black film grating can absorb most of the ambient light and create a "black screen" similar to "cinema". Therefore, the image color projected on this special screen can be restored very well, and the black grating can remove the reflection on the screen surface, so as to restore a natural, soft and realistic image.

The black grid anti light screen mainly uses the black grid as the surface, and the small prism structure is distributed on the screen, so that the screen can absorb the light from the top of the screen, and the light from the bottom of the screen can be reflected to improve the anti light effect.

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