Rear Projection Film

NanHai™ Projection Film owns very unique film coating technology compared to its competitors and is currently providing 14 types projection screen film material in 5 total different color: black, gray, white, silver and clear.

NanHai™ Projection Film owns two series coating process which result in different film quality level(economic film & classic film) for customer's needs whether it's about quality requirement or cost effectiveness.

Classic Projection Film is one of the most qualified projection material, the stunning image performance makes it an ideal choice for customers concerned of quality as well as WOW effect.

Classic Film's unique coating layer technology intergrate a protective squeeze surface which greatly improves window tinting works effectively. After mounting job finished, peel off the protective surface, a stunning image looks never before!

Economic Projection Film is cost performance screen film, covering 80% of the market shares. Don't worry about the film image quality - high contrast, wide viewing angle. Economic film helps you standout from project bidding.

Generally there are three rear proejction applications purpose: high contrast / holo view / wide viewing angle.

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